The easier way of managing your TAX preparation.
TAX computation has never been easier. EA-Link System Sdn Bhd is commited to help you optimize your business and procedures. Let us introduce you to the Tax Software that your company cannot afford to be without. We have spent more than 4 years of research to bring you a tool that will take the pain out of your Tax preparation.

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Key Features

Better than a Spreadsheet
Cost Saving
Minimize Startup time
Never start with a blank sheet again

Better than a Spreadsheet

  • No more "Cut and Paste". Eliminate errors when copying information between spreadsheets.
  • Enter data only once... Automatically synchronize to all Forms, Lampiran, Worksheets and Schedules
  • Tax Computation, Lampirans and Worksheets are automatically generated as a result of preparing Analysis of Accounts, Form C and Form R.
  • Compute CA and Tax Computations for any year with one mouse click.
  • Synchronize changes from one year to the next with one mouse click.
  • Updates to Tax Rules, Forms, Worksheets and Lampirans are provided with each assessment year. No more changes to spreadsheets with each year.
  • Instant access to data for any client for any year with one mouse click. No more searching for the correct spreadsheets.
  • No accidental amendments to the Filing. Data can be 'Locked' once Filing is submitted to IRB.

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Cost saving

  • No need for hand-written Form C and Form R (minimum 1 hour saving per assessment).
  • Print Worksheets and Lampirans only when required.
  • Reduce time to prepare Tax computation. No double or triple handling of data
  • On-line information reduces time required to prepare for IRB field audits.
  • Minimize time for revision following a field audit
  • Minimize time to check computations and reports

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Minimize Startup time

  • Import legacy data from existing spreadsheets:
    • Assets lists and Capital Allowance.
    • Company Directors
    • Major Shareholders
  • Customizable import templates
  • Comprehensive on-line help for easy use

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Never start with a blank sheet again

  • After the first year, system automatically carries forward:
    • Previous year unutilized balance.
    • Analysis of Accounts details.
    • Company Directors.
    • Company Shareholder

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  • Complete work process. Caters for analysis of Accounts to Capital Allowances to Form C/R.
  • Client Profile determines the applicable Worksheets and Lampirans..
  • Built-in Tax Rules minimise computation errors.
  • Capital Allowances caters for
    • "Clawback"
    • Restricted Qualifying Expenditure
    • Hire Purchase
    • BA/BC
    • Notional Allowance
    • Incentive Allowance
  • Tax Computation caters for
    • Multiple Income Source
    • Pioneer
    • Incentive Allowance
    • Investment Holding

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  • Price calculated based on client base.
  • Unlimited Multi-User licensing caters for peak periods
  • Annual upgrades of tax rules included as part of maintenance and support agreement.
  • No additional database licensing required

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